In recent years majority of our business growth has come from clients that were dissatisfied with their previous security service providers. We make sure none of our clients experience the same situation again.

Allied Nationwide Security┬áconsiders the transition phase is a critical and vulnerable time. We take considerable and detail care in the planning and execution of the transition, which requires complete cooperation with client management. We believe it’s essential to have a plan that includes the following:

  1. Make a preliminary, on-site security assessment
    1. All facts of the proposal and contract are covered
    2. All security equipment required at each post are identified
    3. Any prior problems or concerns at the post are addressed
    4. Training guidelines are set
    5. Establish lines of communication and management control
    6. Establish schedule of working hours for the post
    7. Safety and fire protections are identified
  2. Uniform of Security Officers are approved by our clients and our management
  3. Training of all personnel set
  4. Scheduling of Security Officers


Following these procedures helps ensure a strategic and smooth flowing security program transition. We Don’t want to make the same mistakes as the previous service provider by not paying attention to the scope of security service.